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chocolate salted caramel tart
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Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart

You guys. This tart is a gooey, sweet and salty piece of heaven. It’s got a shortbread crust, homemade salted caramel and a rich chocolate ganache. My Chocolate Salted Caramel tart is kind of like a Twix’s cousin, actually. I wanted to put this out just in time for Mother’s Day! Even though we’re quarantined, […]

cinnamon toast crunch bars
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Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bars

We have a permanent craving for sugary cereal in our house. It’s a problem. Whenever we finally cave in and buy some at the store, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is always my go-to. This time when I brought the box home, I thought, “How can I make these a little more interesting?” Rice Krispie Treats are […]


Chocolate 101

Hi friends. Let’s talk about one of the greatest food items on this earth – chocolate. I have a little bit of chocolate every day, whether that be in the form of cookies, candy or just popping a few chocolate chips in my mouth. It just brings me joy. I know I’m not the only […]

banana nut muffins
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The Best Damn Banana Nut Muffins

I wanted to start off this Monday with something sweet. These banana nut muffins are easy, moist (I know, I’m sorry) and full of flavor! This classic breakfast snack can be easily modified and changed. I’m pretty picky about my banana nut muffins. They need to be packed with banana flavor and have a crispy, […]


Baking Glossary

Recipe got you stumped? It happens to me, too! No matter how much experience one has in the kitchen, there is always something to learn! I’ve put together a running list of terms/phrases used in baking recipes, along with their definitions. If there is a term or word that you think may be useful in […]